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Hexis is more than just a software development company. We are a collective of tech activists.👨‍💻

An overview on the meaning and benefits of Nearshoring.

Have you reached a point in your career where you have been wondering why a large number of organizations prefer to look for IT services in other countries or on other continents? We have the answer!

The fact is that all companies want affordable and high quality services, and often they may not find this solution in their native country. For this reason, several Outsourcing models have been created to support these organizations in finding and recruiting the best talent: Offshore, Inshore and Nearshore.

However, depending on the individual need of…

The Nearshoring environment has been developing strategies for leading remote teams for a long time now: whether it is a fully independent team or a true team extension, there will always be remote communication and arrangement with the client side.

The only difference in pandemic times is the non-existence of collaboration and communication in an office and face-to-face environment, which may create feelings of isolation in some team members.

For many workers the reality of remote working was non-existent, and with the caveat that many leaders must have the ability to manage their teams remotely. That’s why we decided to…

Looking for an all-around world-class IT team to handle all of your needs? Hexis Technology Hub is the best here in Portugal’s IT scene. Our team has various specializations that can come in handy to help your business or organization.

Hexis brings maximum value to your venture — offering you full digital transformation, UX works, development works, cybersecurity management, and more. One of our crowned jewels is e-commerce development. Experts from our team have mastered all the technical and soft skills needed to produce pristine quality e-commerce websites for your business.

Our works have been recognized by some of the…

In the business world it is possible to see an urgent need for digital implementation and evolution, which makes major investment decisions more complex. Addressing the IT world in particular, there is a pressure on these organizations to access the best profiles and talent, with an exponential increase in demand for high quality software engineers, surpassing the current market supply.

Due to this incessant demand, there was the need to create and develop different software development solutions, which allow organizations of any kind of industry, access to the technological innovation needed for their products/services. But what will be the best…

An overview of the differences between Microsoft hosting models, Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly.


One of the first decisions we need to make when creating a Blazor project, besides choosing a project name, is to select the Blazor hosting model we want to use. Microsoft provides two different hosting models, Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly, and depending on the purpose of the application one could be better than the other.

In this article, we will explore the definitions of both hosting models, explain the pros and cons of each, and reach a conclusion on when to use them.

💬 Blazor Server

The Blazor…

An overview over Stripe and how is a great solution to secure an eCommerce payment component.

Online businesses struggle with several elements, namely, processing payments, invoices or even the control of revenue per customer. These components are cumbersome to develop and a critical part for the success of any eCommerce business, how can this be optimised securely and reliably? Let us introduce to you to Stripe.

Stripe is an online payment and processing solution for any internet business, allowing to deal with payments core infrastructure seamlessly. …

Case study: A deeper look at how our Agile methodology delivers powerful results


Our client is one of the world’s leading, innovative iGaming insurance companies. Their scalable platform insures risk management for high-prize lotteries. This is a definitive need as lottery operators always risk players winning, no matter the odds that are in place. What our client does is assume that risk on behalf of their clients, in return for a fee on each insured bet.

The platform provides a B2B API for clients to communicate the game information, and all the insured bets, supporting over 50 different lottery formats.

The Challenge 🤔

An overview of the onboarding process in a Nearshore company.

We naively believe a recruitment process is over after weeks of searching, reading dozens of resumes, endless interviews, and finally discovering the perfect profile for the opportunity in hands. Not necessarily.

In the recruitment lifecycle, the final phase of a recruitment process can take between 6 to 8 weeks, after the first contact is made with a candidate. Only after the selection phase, we can perceive how important an optimised onboarding is.

Given the amount of time, effort and money involved during this process, it is a considerable financial to…

Case-study: finding a successful cultural fit for your business can become a real challenge!

Hiring a team-as-service gives you the best of both worlds when you need fast scalability: a remote team of experts to work directly with you.
However, there are several factors that you will have to put into the equation when setting up a team.

With this business case, we give you a practical example of the process, and how can optimize costs.👇

The Challenge

Our client is a prominent tech consulting firm. They provide CTO services to businesses that need both a robust IT strategy, as well as…

We at Hexis are in a state of transition, slowly returning to the office, being sure to abide by all security measures recommended by Portuguese authorities.

Already, the transition is posing a few challenges. Namely, how to merge the new routines created from working remotely while maintaining the productivity levels which our company demands.

Merging the new routines created

Working remotely has been part of our cultural DNA as a Nearshore IT company, but entirely replacing our traditional work structure in such a short period will inevitably bring feelings of uncertainty and anxiety which could prove detrimental to our workplace productivity.

Through breaking the routine…

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